Malgosia Migdal was born and raised in the town of Gdansk, Poland, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. From an early age she enjoyed making her surroundings warm and inviting, and was naturally drawn to the dynamics of interior design. One of her mother's closest friends was in the design business and Malgosia fondly remembers listening to tales of the latest design trends - all the while wanting to be a part of this exciting world.

Malgosia is an avid traveler, having visited over 50 countries. Each trip that she takes usually ties in to an upcoming project or the need for additional research on a specific era or style. Travel also allows Malgosia to step outside the box and view the entire interior design industry as a bigger entity. She attributes her rich understanding of culture and design to her many travels and upbringing in Europe.

Malgosia is able to meld old and new in any setting, giving even the smallest space a personalized sense of beauty.

Highly recognized as one of the top national design firms for over 25 years, Malgosia Migdal Design established its headquarters in the famed Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. With a second office in the iconic beach city of Malibu, MMD remains one of the few ultra high-end interior design and architecture firms resonating from the heart of Southern California.

With extensive experience spanning residential and commercial design, inspiring design-build projects, and elegant staging techniques, this renowned boutique firm prides itself on honoring its modern European influence where minimalism meets functionality. With a distinct aesthetic marked by a cool coquettish edge fused with warm natural elements, Malgosia Migdal Design showcases their talent by melding simple yet bold accents with mindful detail that create an unprecedented chic environment.

Aside from the alluring design aesthetic, the aptitude to urate unique pieces from across the globe, and the artistic talent to methodically bring architectural detail to custom designs, MMD has earned its reputation by offering diverse and unique solutions to some of the most challenging spaces. This exceptional and intuitive ability to create a balances environment with an emphasis on holistic interior design is what gives MMD an incomparable magnetism and sophistication that sets them apart.

The Team


Emily Sumner studied at the Art Institute of NYC. With an interest in the anthropogenic impacts on nature, her passion for the natural environment led her to study Interior Design & Architecture through the lens of sustainability and resiliency.

Additional sustainability efforts include involvement with non-profit and for-profit organizations such as USGBC’s Greenbuild International Conference + Expo Los Angeles, USGBC-LA Sustainable Innovation Awards, LA Green Festivals Expo, Surfrider Foundation Los Angeles. 5 Gyres, A+D Museum Annual Gala, and Green Fashion Week, as well as founding Sustainable Venice.

Emily's career in interior design and sustainable design, coupled with her studies in Ayurveda, she seeks to master the holistic approach and the balance between the natural environment and the built environment that envelopes one daily.



Martha’s design experience is influenced by her travels with a personal aesthetic greatly influenced by her own Nordic roots. Raised in Norway, and followed by a decade of working in the fashion industry in Milan, as well as living in Paris, Oslo, Miami, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles, Martha developed a strong passion for interior design with an ethos of Scandinavian design coupled with contemporary Italian artistry.

After her completion of studies at the New York Institute of Art & Design and gaining accreditations from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, IAHSP and Accredited Staging Professionals, ASP she founded a boutique textile company and worked with architects globally.

Martha’s spaces tend towards modern composition demonstrating clean lines and subtle minimalist furnishings that complement the existing architecture and create open, airy environments.


Briana Simonelli discovered her passion of interior design at a young age while visiting with her father on one of his residential construction projects. Her excitement for architecture and design grew in appreciation during her first European tour which later led her to study at Scottsdale Community College and completing her AAS of Interior Design degree. During her studies she gained real-world experience working directly with an interior designer on private residential projects and further enhanced her experience while working in retail showroom with design services.

Upon completion of her degree, Briana moved to Los Angeles to launch her career in California. Briana's inspiration is largely influenced by renowned Scandinavian designer Hans Wegner and Italian architect and designer Mario Bellini. Her passion for design continues to evolve as her career grows with Malgosia Migdal Design.